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PMC Leasing: History

Leo Petronzio established Petronzio Management Company, LLC in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18, 1960. Leo emigrated from Italy at the age of 18 to live the American dream and establish the goals and business principles that are still used today. We must concentrate on specific goals and accomplish them through hard work, fairness, and honesty.

Leo began as a landscape contractor and did work for most of the prominent business people in Northern Ohio. As the business grew, so did his quest for the American dream. The acquisition of raw lands was, in his words, “for my retirement”. The land holdings then led to commercial developments and turned the company into a full-time commercial real estate company.

Today, the company still uses Leo’s principles for the American dream. We are conscious of what we do and how we do it. Our tenants are the reason we are here and our job is to provide first-rate service and provide cutting-edge lease spaces for their needs.

As the world has changed, our business has changed since the 1960s as well. We still provide service the old-fashioned way, with pride, integrity, a smile and a thank you. We too, must keep up with the ever-changing market and world. New software systems and upgrades have made our record tracking, billing, client data, and overall performance top-notch. We have instilled preventative maintenance schedules on rooftop heat and air conditioning units, new state-of-the-art re-roofing systems, new doors and windows, carpet and painting, ceiling systems, electrical upgrades, and many exterior improvements to the landscaping, signage, parking, and exterior lighting.

In closing, we conduct our business in a manner that produces properties that we are not only proud of, but the Ohio community in which it is located is proud and it helps make the Ohio community a better place in which to live.